Information to the staff of New Ways in Merka
Zurich, 19th of May 2014

Dear All

With this letter we inform you the last time that the Swiss New Ways' support association in Zurich has ended its activities on the 30 st of April 2014.

Furthermore, we would like to announce you that the members and donors of the support association in Zurich of New Ways in Merka hand over buildings of the Ambulatory, the Secondary school in Merka and the health post in Ambe Banaan to the people of Merka.

Verena Karrer, the founder of New Ways murdered in February 2002, has built those for the vulnerable poor population in Merka with the funds of the donors from Switzerland. These buildings have been constructed with the help of Somali people in Merka. This handing over of the buildings mentioned above corresponds to a wish of Verena Karrer. Her wish was that the buildings should continue to be used for projects in the educational and health sector.

In the beginning of March 2014, Bashir Gobdon has met in Mogadishu four responsibles of New Ways' organisation, some elders of Merka, a representative of the Ministry of Education and a representative of the Merka's District Authority.

The staff has received salaries until the end of July 2014. With this money we express our thanks for the work you have accomplished for 20 years in the different projects of the New Ways' organisation. This money should also encourage you continuing working for New Ways. We still hope that good solutions can be found so that the organisation of New Ways can continue to run after the end of July and can give you a living and help the population of Merka to live a better life.

With our best wishes and regards

For the committee of the New Ways' support association

Bigna Rambert and Jenny Heeb

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